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Information Centre Ravna vlaška

It is located on the Biokovo the road at 13 km from the reception in front of the same name lookout and during the summer months it is open to visitors every day in the morning. In it, visitors can receive information and promotional material about the park, learn about the geological history of Biokovo on the basis of its geologic column, see photos of flora and fauna, and learn something about life and ice caves in secondary cattle population settlements from the past.

Right next to the info center and the viewpoint Skywalk Biokovo, there is also a geological column providing a 3D overview of the cross-section of the rock that forms Mt. Biokovo, from its formation until today, with a geological time chart and description of the types of rock and their ages. The viewpoint area is also equipped with parking and restroom facilities.

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Presentation Centre Adrion

The Adrion Presentation Centre – heart of the mountain is situated in the newly constructed administration building of the Public Institution of Biokovo Nature Park at the Makarska Sports Centre. The presentation centre includes bilingual thematic units interpreted through graphic and multimedia displays, ambient sound backgrounds, tangible experiences, showing an overview of Mt. Biokovo in 120 square metres of exhibition space. Learn more about the origin of the Earth, formation of the mountains, plant and animal worlds, and cultural heritage through augmented reality, microscopes, earthquake simulators, and LCD touch screens in the new multimedia presentation centre of Biokovo Nature Park.

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Download the "Adrion Presentation Centre" brochure

Visitors center in Župa

In a small and tame valley on the northeastern side of Biokovo mountain, lies the village of Župa, long known as a cultural and religious center of Zabiokovlje. In the building where once there was a public school, the Visitor Center 'Academician Josip Roglić' was opened in October 2022, combining the most modern multimedia approach with a small ethnographic museum. I

n the center, named after the geographer, geomorphologist, and world-renowned scientist born in Župa, visitors have the opportunity to discover in an attractive way the geological, geomorphological, biological, mythological, and cultural features of Zabiokovlje. The center is fully adapted for people with disabilities, including blind people for whom there is a separate presentation.

The Visitor Center 'Academician Josip Roglić' is primarily intended for student groups who can learn in a unique way about geology, geomorphology, culturology, mythology, and the flora and fauna of Zabiokovlje. With a mandatory prior announcement, groups are provided with expert guidance through the center for a duration of one and a half hours. Visitors, of course, can also come to the center as individuals, outside the season by announcement, and during the season within the center's working hours.

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Download the brochure about the Academician Josip Roglić Visitor Center

Presentation Centre Brela Gornja

The Presentation Center is located in Brela Gornja in Brela building of regional collections and during the summer months is open to visitors every day in the morning. In the presentation center visitors can through exhibitions see Biokovo in its entirety, see the natural wonders and beauty of the park, and get promotional materials and information about the park. The Presentation Center is also the starting point of educational trail "Ancient Paths of Berulije".

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Presentation Centre Kotišina

The Kotišina Presentation Center is located within the "Marin Kovačević" Memorial House in Kotišina.

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