IMPORTANT NOTICE: Biokovo Nature Park is officially closed for visiting.

Managing the Park

  • The Nature Park Biokovo, where the Biokovo Botanical Garden Kotišina is located, is managed by the Public Institution “Nature Park Biokovo”. The Public Institution “Nature Park Biokovo” was founded by the Croatian Government with the Regulation on the Establishment of the “Park of Nature Biokovo” (“Narodne Novine 44/98).

    The bodies of the Institution are The Governing Council and the Director.

    The Governing Council consists of five members who are nominated by the minister.

    The members of the Governing Council of the Public Institution of the “Nature Park Biokovo” are:

    Mario Šiljeg, Phd., president
  • Marko Raos, member
  • Nikolina Andačić, member
  • Ivan Roglić, member
  • Jozo Bekavac, member

The Institution is managed by the Director who is nominated by the minister.

The Director of the Public Institution “Nature Park Biokovo” is Slavo Jakša, professor of geography and histroy