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Price list

Every visitor or organizer entering the main entrance to the park must purchase a ticket, present it at the request of officials and to keep it till exiting the park.


Day ticket                                                                        50,00 HRK/person

Day ticket – discounted                                                 25,00 HRK/person

Three-day ticket                                                            100,00 HRK/person

Seven-day ticket                                                            250,00 HRK/person

Monthly                                                                        1.000,00 HRK/person


Persons eligible for the discounted price:

-          Hikers showing a valid hiker's club membership

-          Croatian veterans showing the appropriate identification

-          Handicapped persons showing the appropriate identification

-          Cyclists

-          School children and students (upon prior announcement)


Children up to 7 years free of charge.


Three-day, seven-day and monthly entrance tickets may be purchased by all visitors (no discounted prices available on these tickets).


Persons owning or possessing property in the Park, workers performing commercial activities in the Park on a permit granted by the Park are required to purchase an entrance pass – the price of this annual entrance pass is 50.00 kn.


Member of the Croatian Army, Police on duty or in exercises, members of the Mountain Rescue service who report their entrance in the Park, and press reporting on the Park are entitled to enter the park free of charge (upon prior announcement).


Visitors wishing to make multiple entries into the Park in a single day are required to announce this, and to keep the ticket and show it upon each entry into the Park.


For the purpose of protection, conservation, promotion and use of the Park, the Institute is entitled to issue a decision for certain persons or groups of persons to approve the discounted price or to permit entry free of charge.


Visitors entering the Park to perform recreational activities (climbing, free flying, etc.) are required to obtain prior written permission to do so from the Park.


Hikers who enter the the Park through permitted marked hiking trails are obliged to previously inform the authorized mountaineering associations.


By purchasing a ticket, the visitor has the right to visit all authorized sites in the Park, the use of promotional materials, parking and traveling the Biokovo road and visiting the info centers and educational trails.

The ticket is valid for the date for which has been issued.

Entering or staying in the Park without a ticket is punishable.

All visitors are required to comply with the Ordinance on internal organization and internal rules and rules of behavior in the Park, and visitors who use the Biokovo road are obliged to respect the traffic rules and speed limits.





Recording/filming for commercial purposes (maximum 6 hours)         1.000,00 kn


Recording/filming for commercial purposes (over 6 hours)                    2.000,00 kn


Filming from the air (1 day)                                                                           1.000,00 kn


Photographing for commercial purposes (1 day)                                       1.000,00 kn




1.) Visits to the presentation center:
      Admission: free of charge
      Expert guidance: 500 kn / (30 people max.),
      Expert guidance + multimedia presentations: 600 Kn / (group of 30 persons max.)
      * Multimedia presentation: Croatian / English
2.) Half-day guided tours (3 hours):
      Admission: 50 kn
      Expert guidance: 600 kn / (group of 30 persons max.),
      Expert guidance + multimedia presentations: 700 kn / (group of 30 persons max.),
      * Multimedia presentation: Croatian / English
3.)  All day guided tours (6 hours):
       Admission: 50 kn
       Expert guidance + multimedia presentations: 1000 kn / (group of 30 persons max.),
       * Multimedia presentation: Croatian / English
4.) Multimedia presentation
      Price: 500 kn
      *  Languages: Croatian / English

Programs are conducted exclusively by appointment (10 days in advance).