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Main entrance to the Park

The Nature Park as an area with high natural, scientific, cultural, educational, tourist and recreational values ​​is intended for visiting and sightseeing.

Visiting and sightseeing includes entrance to the park for visiting, sightseeing and learning about the natural and cultural values ​​of the park, as well as carrying out recreational activities permitted in the manner and terms of the Regulations of internal order in the Nature Park "Biokovo", and in compliance with the internal order and rules of conduct in the Nature Park "Biokovo".

The following is not considered visiting and sightseeing:

  • daily movement of people who regularly or occasionally stay in the villages within the park and their guests;
  • enterance to the park under a contract or special permit, to perform authorized activities (agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, hunting, transmitters and links, catering, etc.);
  • perform activities or functions under a special permit by the State (research activities of local associations, mountaineers, mountain rescue, etc.);
  • enterance to the park to arrive at their own property (house, land) under special permit of the Institution.

Permitted points of entry to the Park

Sites designated for entrance to the Park of Nature "Biokovo" are:

  • The main entrance on the Staza area is located on the 6th mile of state roads Makarska - Vrgorac, where the Biokovo road 23 kilometers long starts and is marked with signs and brown markings. The entrance is for buses, vans, cars, motorcycles and bicycles, and can be used by pedestrians. Due to the traffic characteristics of Biokovo road entrance to the park is not permitted for buses, and trucks can enter only with special permission from the Institution.

    Travel the Biokovo road at your own risk!
  • Auxiliary entrance on the Saranač part, on the road of Upper Igrane - Kozica, used only when necessary, and with special permission of the Institution.
  • Marked hiking trails with respect to internal order and rules of behavior in the Park and under special conditions.

Visiting time

During the year the Park is officially open for visiting and sightseeing according to the following schedule:

If there are justifiable reasons the Institution may allow visiting and sightseeing outside the prescribed time.

In special circumstances, for the safety of visitors and protection of natural values ​​the Institution may limit or completely ban from visiting the Park.

Entry fee

All billing information regrding entrance to the Park can be found here.

Ways of visiting

Park je moguće posjetiti:

  • Individually - by foot, private transport (car, bicycle, motorcycle), or walking and combined transport;
  • Organized - organized by the authorized carrier or travel agencija. For those adventurous and in good shape who want to really experience the mountain we suggest climbing on hiking trails.

For less skilled drivers due to specific driving conditions Biokovo road, we recommend a visit to the Park organized by travel agencies.